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Welcome to Great Hearts Irving

THANK YOU for attending FLORESCO

We seeded, We bloomed, and We grew

With the help of our very motivated and diligent GHI parents, Floresco was an evening of fun, friends, simply fabulous conversation, and much needed funds for our gym.  Yes, it was a very successful evening.

The question everyone has been asking is, “How much money was raised for the gym?”  We are very proud to announce that Floresco raised $30,000 and money is still coming in.  By attending the parties hosted by our family, those funds will continue to be counted towards our grand total.  Buy your tickets now.

A big thank you to the brilliant, dedicated, and talented teachers that performed and entertained us throughout the night.

A big thank you to our co- chairs, Amanda Nicolls and Terry Travis for their endless energy and gracious enthusiasm.

A big thank you to Amy Delgado for chairing the auction and filling the room to capacity with great items, Nicole Amundson and Rita Rossini for their creative and beautiful decorations, Kelly Clemons for her artistic guidance with the student’s artwork, Cherie Hohertz for organizing the classroom baskets and helping the night of the event, Paulina Moreno for her help with the parent hosted parties, Emily Glicksman for her very  calm and organized attention to detail, and all the parents and their kids that helped with the many tasks required to have a beautiful and successful evening like we did….THANK YOU!

A big thank you to Alim Sunderji and his family for the music that made us jump up and dance.

And to the Lamberti family, who very generously catered our delicious meal and always goes above and beyond to help…THANK YOU!

The Great Hearts Irving community came together, made a difference, and showed how working together really works.  Thank you.