Great Hearts is committed to an individualized approach to college counseling that focuses on finding the right fit for each student. The emphasis of the program is on helping students discover who they are as learners and emerging adults. Throughout their years at Great Hearts Irving, our students learn to be comfortable in the worlds of both ideas and practicality, understanding the relationship between the two. This serves our students particularly well when selecting a college experience.

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College that change livesLiberal Arts CollegesTexas On CourseA hand and numerous leavesTips for the College Bound Freshmen/Sophomore

  • Study hard and get the best grades possible.
  • The GHI Great Books curriculum offers you the opportunity to explore some of the greatest literature ever written. Think about how these texts have deepened your understanding and thought.
  • Pursue your passions. Join clubs, sports, and activities that allow you to grow and flourish.
  • Start your resume: keep track of your extracurricular activities. Remember, pursue activities that are truly meaningful to you Don’t do something because you think it will be impressive on your resume. Keep a record of your awards, honors, and leadership positions.
  • Attend GHI workshops where you will learn about how to prepare for the college process.
  • Engage in community service/ volunteer work. Your educations equips you to serve the greater good.
  • Take the PSAT.
  • Start researching your interests, abilities, and goals to explore colleges that might be a good fit for you. Remember college is not a prize to be won but a match to be made.
    • Explore possible college and career interests: texasoncourse.org
    • Make the most of your summer. Get a job, take extra classes, volunteer, enroll in a university summer program.
    • Save money for college. Talk to your parents about finances and be willing to invest in your own future. Think about how you can contribute to college costs.
    • Keep a journal. Regularly write about your dreams, goals, meaningful experiences, ways in which you have been challenged or inspired, people who have encouraged you, difficulties in your life and how they shaped you, etc. Writing is a way of thinking and reflecting about yourself and your place in the world.
    • Attend area college fairs.
    • Visit college campuses.
    • Talk to older friends or siblings about their college choices.
    • Talk to your parents. College is a family decision.
    • Take a deep breath! Be thankful for the education you’ve received and trust that you have a bright future!