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2018-2019 Academic Calendar

2018-2019 Classics to Keep (K-5)

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LS Traffic Plan

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US with LS Carpool Traffic Plan (for families with students in both US and LS)

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Core Knowledge

Phonogram Cards: We encourage our Great Hearts Irving families to each purchase a single set of these Spalding Phonogram Cards to practice phonograms with your child at home.

Nurse Clinic Forms

Medication Policy (July 2017)

Over the Counter Medication Form

Prescription Form

Self-Carry Asthma Inhaler Form (to be completed with prescription form)

2018-2019 Vaccination Requirements

Spalding Phonogram Videos 

Click on the letter to play the video for each sound:

1(a)   2(c)   3(d)   4(f)   5(g)   6(o)   7(s)   8(qu)   9(b)   10(e)   11(h)   12(i)   13(j)   14(k)   15(l)   16(m)   17(n)   18(p)   19(r)   20(t)   21(u)   22(v)   23(v)   24(x)   25(y)   26(z)   27(sh)   28(ee)   29(th)   30(ow)   31(ou)   32(oo)   33(ch)   34(ar)   35(ay)   36(ai)   37(oy)   38(oi)   39(er)   40(ir)   41(ur)   42(or)   43(ear)   44(ng)   45(ea)   46(aw)   47(au)   48(or)  49(ck)   50(wh)   51(ed)   52(ew)   53(ui)   54(oa)   55(gu)   56(ph)   57(ough)   58(oe)   59(ey)   60(igh)   61(kn)   62(gn)   63(wr)   64(ie)   65(dge)   66(ei)   67(eigh)   68(ti)   69(si)   69(ci)